Makeup artist & hair stylist Connie Tsang creates works of captivating beauty out of models and real people for magazines, live TV and advertising. Her work has appeared in Elle, Redbook, and Glamour, as well as on ESPN and CNN, among others.

She speaks to TV producers on the need for flawless makeup and hair to meet the scrutiny of the ultra-high-definition screen. She consults photographers on effectively putting together a makeup and hair team to create great images. She also coaches professional women on winning in the workplace with a compelling image.


All topics can be further customized to fit the specific audience:

  • How to channel-surf-proof your show (TV/Video producers)
  • Will NOT fix in post - how to assemble and communicate with your stylist crew to produce great images in front your clients (photographers)
  • Winning at first sight - how to win over your audience before opening your mouth (Public Speakers)
  • No compromise beauty - how to get ahead at work with your good looks without compromising yourself. (Professional women)


"I was heading back to work after being on maternity leave and thought it would be a good time to try a new look. I booked a private session with Connie Tsang.... Boy, were the results amazing! My husband said that he has never seen my face look better (and he's known me for 8 years)...."
- Denise, Principle at law firm.

"Connie's expertise with makeup products and their application are a testimony to her head turning makeup."
- Nike Oyebanjo, Senior Production Assistant, C-SPAN

"The best thing about Connie is that she has such passion and enthusiasm for helping people look their best. She is so patient when it comes to explaining beauty concepts to people and giving them ideas for how to build on their existing physical strengths."
- Linda Wang, photographer

"Thank you for the very useful tips and great examples.... It was very easy to understand and simple enough to start tomorrow."
- Saori K., M.B.A., PHR - HR Cordinator, National Wildlife Federation

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